Media Strategy

We believe that having strong client relationships and an open mind is the core to having a successful campaign. Our personalized and creative communications strategies are tailored to the goals and expectations of every client in order to create a clear and concise message that resonates and rises to the top of a constantly evolving news cycle. Each client's campaign is structured by our experts in various departments who create an individualized strategy based on the client’s vision.

Print, Online & Broadcast Media

In a world where access is everything, we create and implement comprehensive communications campaigns that will develop and secure a client's public image on the web, in print as well as broadcast. Our team has long-standing and strong relationships with editors and reporters at top media outlets. As we personalize each PR campaign, we strategize the best outlets to reach out to in order to share our client's story as we develop his or her personal brands.

Network / Studio Relations

In addition to working directly with clients, we also work with their respective studios and networks to ensure that they are included in activities that support the work they have done on the project, whether that be on panels, on-set interviews, red carpet appearances and sharing client press on their social media pages.



We are here to help each client on his or her journey from making a film, TV show or play, to standing on the stage once they hear, “And the award goes to..."

At Impact24 PR, clients always have a team in place that will champion their accomplishments on the road to receiving the highest of recognition in their craft. In today's competitive arena of earning these honors, we provide strategic guidance as they approach their respective awards seasons to share their talent with guilds, critics,  influencers and Academy members.

We ensure all deadlines are met, all event opportunities are explored, and that the proper media spotlight has been shone on their specific accomplishments. We also work with studios and networks on "For Your Consideration" campaigns,  guild-centric email blasts and more.



As a part of being in the entertainment industry, we recognize the importance of being on the red carpet, whether it be at a premiere or awards ceremony, and we will be there to help each client maximize photo and press opportunities.

In addition to the red carpet, our team members have produced various panels at events including Comic-Con and Wonder-Con. We create opportunities for clients to interact with fans and thus promote their talent in their respective craft and project.



With billions of social interactions happening every day, from “likes” to comments, we strategically shape our clients' use of social media to ensure that they are part of the pop culture conversation.

We work to build custom campaigns for every client so that they stand out across various platforms whether it be through conversations on Twitter, sharing insight through pictures on Instagram or interacting "live" on Reddit and Facebook.

Our social media strategy will give industry influencers and fans a direct view into our clients' worlds, creating understanding of the personal and professional experiences that inform and influence their work. The content will be easily sharable, simple to understand and universal.