Nylon: Talking Feminist Necklaces With The ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Costume Designer

In a way, it’s appropriate that, when I chat with costume designer Rafaella Rabinovich on the phone, she’s in the middle of a chaotic Aritzia warehouse sale in British Columbia, Canada. She’s there to shop, but also to pick up items for an upcoming project. She’s always on the hunt for the perfect dress, the perfect necklace, the perfect pair of jeans to bring a character to life. The hustle, truly, never stops.

The Credits: How The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s Emmy-Nominated Editor Gave Midge her Sparkling Start

Editor Brian Kates received an Emmy nomination for setting the tone in the series premiere. The pilot episode establishes the decay of Midge’s marriage, an awakening of her untapped and innate talent, and the lavish world of a successful family in 1958 New York. It’s bubbly, sensitive, and dazzling like Midge herself. Kates packed a lot of TV into 58 minutes and made every comedy bit feel like it was happening live. With Kates’ help, Midge’s career gets off to a smashing start without ever missing a beat.

Los Angeles Times: The music of 'The Handmaid's Tale' provides 'ironic counterpoint' to show's dark themes

The second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale” was brought to a close with a moment of cathartic violence. But one could argue the star of the scene wasn’t Alexis Biedel’s handmaid Emily but instead a voice offscreen: Annie Lennox.

The Washington Post: Trump said he wouldn’t want to watch the new Neil Armstrong movie. Here’s why the cast and crew say you should.

“That moment people are talking about is iconic, but something Damien really wanted to try to do with this picture was tell the personal, intimate story of Neil Armstrong,” film editor Tom Cross said. “We figured that most people are familiar with Neil, the icon, so we really wanted to show Neil, the man.”

The Wall Street Journal: In ‘The House With a Clock in Its Walls,’ a Key Player Pipes Up

One of the stars of Universal’s fantasy movie “The House With a Clock in Its Walls,” coming out on Sept. 20, has a storied Hollywood history. The veteran performer has played a role in such films as “Empire of the Sun,” “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” “The Sound of Music,” 1959’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “The Abyss” and “Die Hard.”

Collider : Exclusive ‘Kin’ Featurette Goes Behind the Scenes of the Sci-Fi Film’s Sound Design

If you’ve seen the trailers, you know the film features some very cool sci-fi weapons that cause large scale destruction when used. To make these weapons come to life and feel real, the sound designer has to figure out how each weapon should sound and then figure out how to create new and unique sounds which the audience believes without a second thought. It’s a time-consuming job that not many understand.

Playbill: 20 Secrets Behind the Scenic Designs for WickedSweeney Todd, and More

The cranking cogs and dragon clock of Wicked, the original London streets of Sweeney Todd, the bandstand of Saturday Night Live—each one a creation by legendary scenic designer Eugene Lee.With over 70 Broadway design credits to his name—including iconic inventions for Ragtime and Seussical and Bright Star—and three Tony Awards (for 1974’s Candide, 1979’s Sweeney Todd, and 2004’s Wicked)—plus 13 Emmy nominations for his work in television, Lee is an old-school fixture in the business.

Glamour: Tessa Thompson's 'Sorry to Bother You' Costumes Are a Wardrobe Road Map to Fighting the Patriarchy

There's a lot going on in Sorry to Bother You, Boots Riley's wildly creative sci-fi comedy about a black telemarketer who discovers the key to success is using a "white voice"—and there's not much one can discuss without spoiling the movie. (Trust, the less you know, the better on this one.) One spoiler-free way to unpack the film is how it weaves searing political commentary with pure pop entertainment, most notably through its costumes.

Radio Times: The new Doctor Who theme tune includes recordings of the 1963 original

Arranged by incoming series composer Segun Akinola, the fresh theme arrangement will debut with Whittaker’s first episode – but while it’s attached to a series that’s all about the new, the theme will also connect directly to Doctor Who’s past, thanks to Akinola’s decision to sample the original 1963 version of the series theme in his new creation.