the knockturnal: Exclusive: Cast Talks ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 At NY Premiere

On Wednesday night, Netflix held a red carpet for Jessica Jones second season. The Knockturnal spoke with some of the stars, along with the show’s composer and executive producer. Sean Callery, composer: "When the second season happened, I made a whole new album, and so I made a longer version of the theme, and that will probably be available for download either tomorrow or a week from tomorrow."

the hollywood reporter: 'Death of Stalin' Composer on Resurrecting Soviet Musical Greats for Armando Iannucci’s Satire

Anyone listening to the score to The Death of Stalin before it hits U.S. cinemas this Friday would be forgiven for thinking the film to be a bold, historical epic, let alone a laugh-out-loud satire. “Early on, Armando said, let’s just imagine that we could resurrect Soviet composers from the 1950s,” says U.K.-born, L.A.-based Christopher Willis, for whom The Death of Stalin is his first feature as main composer. 

Entertainment focus: Blade Runner 2049 sound design explored: Mark Mangini, Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett interview

The sci-fi epic from Academy Award-nominated director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) is the anticipated follow-up to the acclaimed sci-fi classic Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford. EF had a fascinating chat with Ron Bartlett (Re-Recording Mixer), Mark Mangini (Supervising Sound Editor) and Doug Hemphill (Re-Recording Mixer), who discussed working on Blade Runner 2049.


"One of the big driving forces in my life is fairness and justice, and I'm just a big believer in hearing both sides of the story," says costume designer Karyn Wagner, noting that her takeaway was in line with the creators' goal for the series. Wagner, who also costume-designed "Underground" and "Preacher," nailed the interview with the Dowdles, and soon after dove even further into research.


Since the early 1900’s, Peter Rabbit has been beloved by people around the world. Fans of all ages can now see the mischievous rabbit on the big screen in the Columbia Pictures film, Peter Rabbit. Dominic Lewis was tasked with the important assignment of composing the music for the film. His previous projects had proved he was more than capable of this, having scored the films Fist Fight and Rough Night, among countless others.

live for film: Illuminating Fear: Andrew Shulkind talks about The Ritual

A group of college friends reunite and are stalked by a menacing presence in Swedish highlands in The Ritual directed by David Bruckner (The Signal); the horror film had its World Premiere at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, lensing the performances of Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier and Sam Troughton was cinematographer Andrew Shulkind (The Vault).  “The Ritual was an unique experience,” observes Shulkind.

E! online: 4 Mind-Blowing Secrets Behind the Makeup in Black Panther

As the first of its kind, the Hollywood pros behind the film had to combine centuries of African tradition and their own universe-bending creativity to bring this story alive. For director Ryan Coogler, makeup designer Joel Harlow, who worked on the sets of Star Trek Beyond, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Green Lantern and Alice Through the Looking Glass, was a clear choice. 

the guardian: Aesthetic excellence: how cinematography transformed TV

Jim Frohna, the Emmy-nominated DP behind Transparent and I Love Dick, took a similar approach in his collaboration with showrunner and head writer Jill Soloway. The pair, inspired by the intimacy of Andrea Arnold’s film Fish Tank, first teamed up on the 2013 feature Afternoon Delight; when they moved to Amazon to make Transparent and, later, I Love Dick, they saw no need to change their formula as they ventured into television.

the root: Unmaking Mary J.: Hairstylist Lawrence Davis Talks Dressing Down the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul for Mudbound

In Mudbound, Blige plays Florence Jackson, the beleaguered but noble matriarch of a sharecropping family in rural Mississippi. Two-time Emmy Award-winning hairstylist Lawrence Davis was instrumental in that transformational “makeunder,” using both his extensive historical knowledge and incredible skill to render the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul almost unrecognizable to audiences at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where Mudbound premiered.

vanity fair: In 2017, Powerful Women Finally Got the Costumes They Deserved

Ruth E. Carter has created costumes for iconic films including Do the Right Thing, Amistad, and Selma, as well as the 2016 TV remake of the classic mini-series Roots.For Black Panther’s Wakandan warriors—bodyguards, queens, and role models, including Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia and Danai Gurira’s Okoye, she has said she blended imagery from the original comic books with tribal influences and high fashion. 

deadline: ‘Shape Of Water’ BTL Artists On Creating The Asset: Creature & Leading Man

Along with del Toro, there were three artists responsible for bringing the Asset into the world, to be played by Doug Jones—creature designer Mike Hill, Legacy Effects Supervisor and co-creature designer Shane Mahan, and visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi, of visual effects house Mr. X. "We scanned the creature with 60 high-res cameras at the highest-res textures we’ve ever done to capture the sculpt and the paint work," said Berardi.

variety: ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ on FX

The piece is the Adagio in G Minor, as arranged by show composer Mac Quayle. That the work is a well-known piece of musical chicanery seems especially fitting — a work passed off as an early-18th-century fragment that mimics baroque composition but was instead written in the middle of the 20th. “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” tells the story of homophobia in the late ’90s through a modern-day lens.

inc: How to Create a Business Model That is 'Reassuringly Expensive' to Your Clients

Today, Russell Emanuel is not only the CEO of Extreme Music, he's also the CEO & Chief Creative Officer at Bleeding Fingers Music. Bleeding Fingers Music is one of the industry's leading producers of quality-crafted film and television scores in the world. Bleeding Fingers Music has a series of amazing accomplishments under its belt in a short 4 years.

indiewire: The Best TV Soundtracks of 2017

Great composers create an aural language that’s as tangible and essential as the actors or sets on screen, aided by music supervisors who discover undiscovered tracks as well as essential classic gems —without which the show’s most powerful moments would have no impact.

-Mac Quayle, composer, "Mr. Robot"

-Jeff Russo, composer, "Star Trek: Discovery"

the credits: The Production Designer Who Recreated The Famous Kaczynski Evidence For Manhunt: Unabomber

Mentions of the Unabomber immediately call to mind the deadly postal packages containing explosives and that famous police sketch of the suspect in a hoodie. While working on Manhunt: Unabomber, production designer Erik Carlson realized, however, that the case actually hinged on hundreds of handwritten documents. The eight-episode Discovery Channel miniseries delved into the infamous FBI investigation that eventually resulted in Ted Kaczynski’s arrest.

the hollywood reporter: Editors of 'Get Out,' 'I, Tonya,' 'Blade Runner 2049' Dissect Their Cuts

I, Tonya uses documentary-style “interviews” with the principal characters. Editor Tatiana S. Riegel says that when she first read the script, these “unreliable narrators” meant “the biggest challenge was going to be the tone. There are some very brutal and disturbing and tragic elements to her life, and there's also a lot of comedy in the film. So it became a balancing act."

fatherly: Pete Oswald is the Greatest, Happiest Children’s Illustrator You’ve Never Heard Of

Pete Oswald has animated and illustrated some of your kid’s favorite movies and books. He’s got his fingers — and paints — on all of them and more coming out all the time. His latest book, The Bad Seed, which he illustrated with author Jory John, was on Amazon’s list of the Best Children’s Books of 2017. Which is all to say that Oswald’s ever-expanding body of work makes him one of the most influential artists working on children’s books and movies.


How did you get involved with The Tale which is now premiering in Sundance?

A few years ago I participated in the Columbia/ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop, and had the great fortune of collaborating with director Daniel Nickson and producer Reka Posta on a film they had co-written called Dear Mother (Édesanyám).

digital trends: ‘Baby Driver’ was an entire film built around music. Here’s how they did it.

Edgar Wright’s musical heist film Baby Driver earned crave reviews for the unique way it synchronized the action unfolding on the screen with its excellent soundtrack boasting music from multiple decades. Julian Slater, who served as the film’s re-recording mixer, sound designer, and supervising sound editor, recently spoke about the complicated process of making musical movie magic and bringing Wright’s vision for the film to life both on the screen and in the ears of the film’s audience.

variety: The Top 10 Shots of 2017

“This was one of the first sequences I jumped into on prep, and this was always one of the key images. It’s representative of Wonder Woman’s power and influence. I don’t think any of us anticipated the emotional reaction the movie would set in motion. We wanted to talk about heroism and choosing love and a belief in humanity as a new stance for a superhero. The subtext is because it hit the world at the right time.” —Matthew Jensen, Director of Photography, "Wonder Woman"

GQ: How The Shape of Water Made You Believe a Woman Could Love a Water Monster

The Shape of Water is one of the best films to come out this year, but it's also got its work cut out for it. It's a love story between a woman, Eliza (Sally Hawkins), and a monster, imprisoned by the government and called The Asset. But for any of that to work, you have to believe that a woman could fall in love with a fish-man, and visual effects supervisor Dennis Berardi's job is to help convince you that it's not all that crazy an idea. 

the hollywood reporter: 'Blade Runner 2049' Makeup Designer Describes Film Work, Weighs In on Digital Cosmetics "Debate"

The work of veteran makeup designer Donald Mowat has appeared in a long list of films, including Sicario, Spectre, Skyfall, Nocturnal Animals and 8 Mile. Here, he talks with The Hollywood Reporter about his work on Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 (for which he served as makeup designer and department head) and David Gordon Green's Stronger (as hair and makeup designer), along with a VFX collaboration on these films. 

inverse: 'Justice League' Crew Say There's Plenty of Material for a Director's Cut

Scott Hecker, a veteran sound editor whose credits include multiple collaborations with Zack Snyder, including 300, Sucker Punch, and Man of Steel, calls Justice League “the most challenging film I’ve worked on, both creatively and logistically.” Fabian Wagner, an accomplished cinematographer whose credits include the biggest episodes of Game of Thrones, also says there was a lot of material he shot that didn’t make the final cut of the movie.

trek movie: Jeff Russo Talks Cinematic Score For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And Classic Trek Influences

Next week the first original soundtrack for Star Trek: Discovery will be released. TrekMovie had a chance to speak with Discovery’s Emmy-winning composer Jeff Russo about the release, his process for composing, his Trek favorites and more. "In general, the process begins with reading a certain amount of scripts and starting to sketch out themes."

post perspective: Mercy Christmas director offers advice for indie filmmakers

Recently, the stars finally aligned and I directed my first feature-length film, Mercy Christmas, from a script I co-wrote with my wife Beth Levy Nelson. After five years of writing, fundraising, production and post production, the movie is finished. y experience working professionally in the film business while I struggled to get my shot at directing taught me many things. I learned over those years that a mastery of the techniques and equipment used to tell stories for film was imperative.

hidden remote: Dominic Lewis talks composing the music for DuckTales and The Man in the High Castle

A movie or TV series wouldn’t be the same without its music. While Buffy the Vampire Slayer had one episode with no music at all, it wouldn’t have worked for every episode. But things have changed in the way music works and is created.In an exclusive interview, Dominic Lewis opened up about the differences in creating music for animation and live action, the emotions in The Man in the High Castle, and scoring the DuckTales reboot.

cnet: We asked the editor of 'Downsizing' if he misses cutting film

Editing a film used to involve exactly that: Cutting up photographic film and sticking it back together. But like most industries, the digital revolution has shaken up movie editing -- to the point that editor Kevin Tent cut part of an Oscar-winning movie while sitting on a train.Tent and Payne also worked together on scabrous new comedy "Crash Pad", which Payne produced and Tent directed -- his first directorial outing.

the hollywood reporter: 'Justice League' Cinematographer Hopes for a Director's Cut

Fabian Wagner knows how to help build worlds. Some of the cinematographer's most celebrated work has been on HBO's Game of Thrones, where he's shot such ambitious episodes as season five's "Hardhome." So when Zack Snyder asked him to help shape Justice League, it was a natural evolution of his career, with him stepping into a project even bigger in scale than his ambitious episodes of Thrones.

ktla - spoken dreams: Mac Quayle, Composer

Mac Quayle is an Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated composer currently scoring USA  Network’s suspense-thriller Mr. Robot. His scoring credits also include hit shows like American Horror Story, Feud: Bette and Joan, American Crime Story, and Scream Queens. While Mac has become an accomplished composer, he didn’t always have the idea that he would be making music for Hollywood. 

Variety: Production Designer Gary Kordan Moonlights as Venue Impresario With Wife Justine Ungaro

From his Emmy nominated work on “Key and Peele” to the fantastical worlds of Amazon’s young adult hit “Just Add Magic”, production designer Gary Kordan gets behind projects 100%. Before he lands a job, he’ll spend days researching content, often crafting up to sixteen mood boards loaded with images for first meeting discussions. 


Olivia is the joint creation of show creator Shonda Rhimes and actress Kerry Washington, but don’t underestimate the contributions of costume designer Lyn Paolo and her creative team. “It’s a dance between the two worlds—you have to tell the story of what it’s really like in D.C., but also push it a little further—like with Olivia’s leather gloves or capes.”

the vergeHow makeup designer Donald Mowat helped shape Blade Runner 2049’s future

Most people haven’t heard of makeup designer  Donald Mowat, but they’ve likely seen his work in films like The Fighter, 8 Mile, The Departed, the James Bond films Skyfall and Spectre, and now, Blade Runner 2049. "I found it kind of daunting. Ryan Gosling as K, you would never think on paper, 'Oh, that’s going to be a lot of work.' It’s actually a lot of makeup with him on that." 


"Regardless of the sonic template, if there’s melody involved, I like to start on the piano. It really helps me create a solid foundation for what I’m about to write. Sometimes it’s about creating just the right sound, which can take a while. For In the Vault I wanted to have a variety of melodies and motifs. It’s such an elaborate story from all the different character’s perspectives, I wanted to match that depth with the score."

observer: How to Choose an Outfit for Murder: The Clothes of New Netflix Horror ‘1922’

Released just in time for Halloween, 1922 is adapted from Stephen King’s 2010 Full Dark, No Stars novella collection. I recently spoke to Vancouver-based costume designer Claudia Da Ponte over the phone about the challenges of finding clothes from the roaring ‘20s that were less Great Gatsby and more farmland attire.

iGn: Michael Wandmacher Discusses Composing For Different Genres

Composer Michael Wandmacher has scored everything from half hour television comedies to classic horror remakes. Jumping around from different genres can be difficult for some, but Wandmacher has proven he is more than up for the task and the transition can be seamless. In 2017 alone, he lent his musical expertise to ABC’s The Goldbergs & Imaginary Mary.

where to watch: How The Ritual's Cinematographer Immerses You in Fear

In The Ritual, a group of friends lose one of their own in a robbery gone bad, but that’s just the beginning of the horrors in store. Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind's filming style immerses you in the terror in a unique way. We spoke with Shulkind about using VR techniques on a traditional film, what scared him most on set, where VR will take audiences in the future, and more.

the hollywood reporter'Mr. Robot': Cracking the Code on Tyrell's Lost Time

The third episode of Mr. Robot season three finally pulled back the curtain on this missing period of time, filling in the gaps about what exactly befell the ice-cold Tyrell in the immediate aftermath of the Five/Nine Hack. It had to have the right intensity and suspense or it just wouldn't work. The "Polymorphia" track, and also Mac Quayle's music, really brought this scene to life.  

moviemaker magazineFearful Visions: Horror Cinematographers Reveal Their Secrets

Maxime Alexandre (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, Maniac, Annabelle: Creation): "Handling the cinematography in the horror genre is probably the must complete experience any director of photography could have. There is no other genre that gives you the opportunity to flirt with darkness and colors at the same time, to visually trap someone in an empty desert or a closet with the same cinematographic power." 

film music magazineInterview with Graham Reynolds, Composer of 'Last Flag Flying'

Of their five films as composer and director, fellow Austin-ites Graham Reynolds and Richard Linklater have journeyed together through any number of genres. Perhaps no distinctive film from Reynolds and Linklater might be as relatable to an audience of a certain political, or moviegoing age in our polarized nation as “Last Flag Flying.”


"I [have done] Malcolm X. I've done Martin Luther King, Jr., now I have Thurgood Marshall and then the Black Panther," veteran costume designer Ruth E. Carter said. And we need a storyteller like Carter, who can translate costume into activism, especially at this point in modern American history, with the fight for voting rights, racial equality and freedom of protest still at the forefront. 

VarietyMakeup-Hair Designer Specializes in Bruising Looks for ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ ‘Stronger’

This is a busy year for makeup and hair designer Donald Mowat, who worked on two major releases: “Blade Runner 2049” and “Stronger.” Mowat was a big fan of Ridley Scott’s original “Blade Runner,” released in 1982, so he was psyched when helmer Denis Villeneuve asked him to lead the makeup department for the sequel.

Dread centralStream Two Tracks From Charlie Clouser’s Jigsaw Soundtrack

In less than 10 days, Jigsaw will be hitting theaters, marking the return of the Saw franchise. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve got two tracks from series composer Charlie Clouser to play for you. Clouser explains how he got some of the distinct sounds from a specific instrument called the “Que Lastas."

Polygon: Blade Runner 2049’s sound team explains how they created the movie’s best scene

One of Blade Runner 2049’s most memorable scenes was designed to make you feel like the world was about to come crashing down. Polygon sat down with Mark Mangini, supervising sound editor, Doug Hemphill and Ron Bartlett, two of the movie’s sound mixers to talk about how the scene was developed.

tv guide: Scandal: The Secrets Behind Olivia Pope's Style Evolution

Olivia's style was distinct from the start -- elegant designer duds in shades of whites and neutrals, along with her trademark white hat. But as our favorite fixer grew and changed, so too did her clothes. Luckily for #gladiators all around the world, costume designer Lyn Paolo decoded Olivia Pope's tumultuous style story for TV Guide.

tv insider: Meet the Crew: 'Inhumans' Composer Sean Callery

The dramatic score that you hear in the background as you’re watching Marvel’s Inhumans is truly out of this world. Which makes sense, given that ABC’s new sci-fi fantasy centers around a moon-dwelling royal family. “I tried to create a different sound for when characters are in the kingdom on the moon versus on Earth,” composer Sean Callery explains. 

billboardComposer Mac Quayle on Recreating His Emmy-Winning Music For 'Mr. Robot' Live at The Roxy

On Dec. 5, composer Mac Quayle will perform his Emmy-winning music from Mr. Robot at The Roxy in Los Angeles. Quayle, who also scores American Horror Story, Feud, and American Crime Story, talked with Billboard about what it takes to recreate the music live, scoring Season 3 and his most memorable fan encounter. 

inverse: 'Arrow’ Cinematographer: Crossover Will Be “Very Challenging”

Bruce Worrall says he is a cog in the machine. It isn’t as bleak as it sounds. As one of the new cinematographers for the long-running series Arrow, which returned Thursday night on the CW, Worrall says he’s come aboard a well-oiled machine that creates 20-plus episodes every year. It’s his job just to find his place among the orderly chaos.

Awards Circuit: Emmy Nominee P. Erik Carlson on Designing ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’

Discovery’s “Manhunt: Unabomber” was one of those singular visions that can come to fruition due to the TV boom. Perhaps the most brilliant work in the series comes from P. Erik Carlson, the production designer of the series. Not only were thousands of pages of Manifesto recreated and compiled, but Erik’s team had far more to design.

entertainment tonight: 'Flatliners' Composer on the 'True Blood' Scene That Catapulted His Career

Composer Nathan Barr isn’t a name an ordinary person would recognize, but scour his resume and one is bound to find a television show (True Blood, The Americans) or movie (Grindhouse, Hostel) they’ve obsessed over. Now, Barr is taking his talents to Flatliners, the modern remake of the 1990 sci-fi psychological horror film toplined by Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon.

observer: The Man Behind Jake Gyllenhaal’s Tortured Look in ‘Stronger’

The pain is obvious, as Gyllenhaal—who continues to put together an intriguingly eclectic career—clenches and shrieks in agony. His cheeks are still dotted with abrasions suffered in the attack, his brow is a sweaty, dirty mess of tension. But the physical transformation, the small, specific and special touches that make you believe, is all Donald Mowat.

animation world network: Lights, Camera, Action: The Cinematography of ‘My Little Pony: The Movie’

DP, animator and previsualization artist Anthony Di Ninno recently served as the cinematographer on My Little Pony: The Movie. In the burgeoning field of cinematography for animation, Di Ninno is a pioneer, crafting a language of photography for his projects by balancing creative vision with technologies that he develops. 

den of geek: Inside Top of the Lake: China Girl’s “Small Rooms” Approach

Germain McMicking, the Aussie cinematographer wrapped up work on Top of the Lake’s second installment “China Girl” months ago but from the sounds of things he’s still recovering. To capture that delicate, contradictory aesthetic balance, creator Jane Campion brought McMicking and his director collaborator Ariel Kleiman into the fold.


A film worth paying attention to is Mercy Christmas, directed by Ryan Nelson from a script he co-wrote with Beth Levy Nelson. The film is a genre bending story that follows Michael Briskett as he meets the perfect woman and his ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family's holiday celebration. 

film school rejects: Mac Quayle on the Role of Music In ‘Mr. Robot’

Entering your ideal industry and working with one of your professional favorites is a fantasy for most people. Composer Mac Quayle uses his former mentor as an influence in his Emmy-winning score for the USA show Mr. Robot, one of the many projects he composes. Along with Mr. Robot, Quayle composes the score for American Horror StoryFeud, and American Crime Story.

glamour: The Secret Reason Why 'This Is Us' Is So Good At Making You Cry

During the first season of This Is Us, Susan Kelechi Watson (Beth) remembers being at creator Dan Fogelman's house and cornering music composer Siddhartha Khosla with the intention of finding out what we've wanted to know for so long: How did This Is Us get so good at making us cry?

VarietyCreative Arts Emmys winners

On if he has talked to Hawley about “Fargo” Season 4: “We have, yes. We talked about it and there is no answer to that. What he said to me was, ‘If there is a story to be told, we will tell it.’ I think he will wait until the story finds him or he finds the story until we know for sure whether or not we’re going to do one. But I do know that if there is no story, he won’t force one." - Jeff Russo, winner for music composition for a limited series, movie, or special for “Fargo”

pop-culturalist: Interview with Stephanie Maslansky

If you’ve watched any of Netflix’s Marvel television shows, then you know Stephanie Maslansky’s work. A seasoned costume designer based in New York City, Stephanie shaped and created the costumes for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and, most recently, The Defenders.

entertainment weekly: Star Trek: Discovery reveals its theme song

For the first time in 12 years, there’s a new theme song for a Star Trek TV series (and don’t worry, it’s way better than the one for Enterprise). Here’s a video, below, with composer Jeff Russo leading a 60-piece orchestra in recording the CBS All Access series theme (which starts at the 38-second mark).

filmoriaAnnabelle: Creation Cinematographer Maxime Alexandre

With Annabelle: Creation still making waves in recent weeks and paving the way for IT to dominate this past week’s box office, we posed some questions to the sequel’s cinematographer Maxime Alexandre, as he discussed his approach to creating the feel of a great horror and much more.

movie pilotMP Talks To Nathan Barr About 'Flatliners' Reboot, Collaborating With Eli Roth And Playing A Human Femur

Movie Pilot sat down with Nathan Barr, the composer responsible for creating those trepidation-inducing sounds that'll no doubt be delivered in force throughout the #Flatliners reboot.

huffington post: ‘Defenders’ Costume Designer Explains Eerie Inspiration For The Hand

But while The Hand exists in the Marvel comics, its “Defenders” leader, a centuries-old woman named Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver), does not. Which made Stephanie Maslansky’s job as the series’ costume designer a little trickier. 

PlayStation LifeStyle: Knack 2 Composer Anthony Willis Releases Three Songs From the Soundtrack

The action-platformer was clearly not a one-man development process. One of the people behind Knack 2 is composer Anthony Willis who wrote and recorded the Knack 2 soundtrack. “I was brought on to the project because of my background in orchestral animation and adventure films. 

espn radio: interview with signature tracks

Back for the fall, Clinton Yates talks to World Long Drive Champions Troy Mullins and Maurice Allen, and while in Los Angeles, he sat down with Signature Tracks - the production group who make music for some of your favorite reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians - and also were instrumental in the early days of Kobe Bryant's rap career.

variety 411: It Was A Busy Summer For Many Of Fall’s Top Composers

There is no one song of summer for film and television’s talented composers.  These creative men and women stay busy, juggling projects like so many balls in the hands of a clown at your local carnival.  Below is a glimpse of five creatives and their work that fueled the warm summer months – and some projects that will be heating up the fall calendars!

deadline‘Transparent’ DP Jim Frohna On “Creating Space” Within Character-Driven Drama

But investigating the work of cinematographer Jim Frohna—a first-time nominee this year—one recognizes that there’s nothing so simple about it. While keeping his focus squarely on his characters and the great performances transpiring in front of him, Frohna has managed to continually infuse his images with added intimacy.

inside the magicDisney composer Christopher Willis talks making music for ‘Runaway Railway’ ride, Mickey Mouse Halloween special

Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special,” for example, sees Donald Duck on the brink of death because he’s determined to have a real winter holiday with his friends instead of migrating south. The show’s composer, Christopher Willis, has worked on all four seasons of “Mickey Mouse.” 

entertainment tonight: EXCLUSIVE: Get Your Tissues Ready! 'This Is Us' Composer Reveals His Secret to Making You Cry

This Is Us is in rarefied air, thanks to compelling storytelling, heartbreaking performances and tear-jerking twists. But the most underrated ingredient to its incalculable success is something that’s right under everyone’s nose: the score. Composer Siddhartha Khosla, of Goldspot fame, is the man responsible for opening up those tear ducts -- not that the show needed the help.

flickering mythComposer Gary Lionelli discusses Emmy-nominated O.J.: Made in America score

Over a year after O.J.: Made in America was initially released the documentary continues to garner numerous accolades and nominations including 6 Emmy nominations, one being for Gary Lionelli’s original score. We decided to speak with Lionelli about scoring O.J.: Made in America and the recent O.J. developments.

ign: Director Chris Bouchard Discusses Latest Crime Caper, 'London’s Finest'

London’s Finest, director Chris Bouchard’s follow up to his acclaimed 2009 debut, The Hunt for Gollum, couldn’t be further from the Tolkien trilogy prequel. His latest project follows a dirty cop as he lays a trap for a small time street dealer. Realizing he’s in danger, the dealer struggles to sober up as he is hunted by armed mercenaries across London, all while trying to sell heroin to a gang of gun-toting Welsh Yardies. 

allure: "The Defenders" Makeup Artist Shares Details About Jessica Jones's Makeup

"This is invisible makeup," says Sarit Klein, the makeup department head for The Defenders. "It’s part of the character, so I like the skin to show. I don’t want someone to have full-coverage makeup on because, it will distract.” Klein worked on all the Marvel shows on Netflix, so she's well acquainted with this idea of invisible makeup. 

Elite Daily: Here's The Reason This Jessica Lange ‘AHS' Scene Still Haunts You

Recently, Elite Daily spoke with Mac Quayle, the Emmy Award-winning composer for American Horror Story, about his favorite moments from past seasons, how he thinks music affects the mood of the show, and his thoughts on the upcoming seventh season of AHS. Naturally, before we could get to discussing the past seasons, we had to ask the composer what he can reveal about AHS: Cult

The Wrap: ‘The Defenders:’ Here’s How the Show’s ‘Authentic,’ ‘Modern’ Superhero World Was Created

When costume designer Stephanie Maslansky was asked if she’d rather work on “The Punisher” or “The Defenders,” her answer was immediate. “I didn’t even have to think about it,” the New Yorker told TheWrap. Maslansky was careful to bring each hero’s unique style and personality into “The Defenders.”

GQ: The Stories Behind Game of Thrones' Most Iconic Scenes 

Since 2013, Robert McLachlan has worked on Game of Thrones as a cinematographer—the person tasked with crafting the overall visual design of a film or TV show, overseeing everything from the movement of the camera to the lighting of a scene, with the overall goal of conveying the story to maximum technical and artistic effect.

indiewire: ‘The Crown,’ ‘Feud,’ and ‘Victoria’ Battle for Best Score Emmys

“It was both exciting and challenging to immerse myself in the retro orchestral sound of the 1960’s, ” said Mac Quayle, FEUD: Bette and Joan. “Everything on screen was so big that we thought we should take skin drums that harken back to old times and visceral, ear-piercing bowed cymbals,” said Jacob Shea, Planet Earth II. "It was never as simple as one instrument for one character, although different characters were represented by different combinations of them," said Jeff Russo, Fargo.

Cheddar: Bringing Drunken Stories to Life

"Drunk History" gives viewers a skewed view of our past, but production designer Chloe Arbiture says she's all about authenticity. She details why historically accurate scenes are actually funnier.

variety: Composers for Marvel’s TV Universe Strike a Different Chord

“This [Inhumans] is the most thematic I’ve been with any show I’ve worked on. At its core, it’s about a royal family, so there are some grand themes for the kingdom and the family,” says composer Sean Callery. When Jeff Russo started on FX’s “Legion,” he wanted to “invite the viewer to share in David’s experience." Musically, says "Runaways" composer Siddhartha Khosla (“This Is Us”), theproducers “wanted something that the Marvel Universe hadn’t touched upon, musically, yet.”

awards circuit: Emmy-Nominated DP Jim Frohna Discusses ‘Transparent’ and Jill Soloway

One of the most surprising comedies of the past five years has been Amazon’sTransparent,” a series that follows a family as its patriarch transitions. One of the consistents across the show has been its incredible cinematography from director of photography Jim Frohna. The aesthetic for the dramedy is set by its incredible cinematography, and Frohna is a big reason for the show’s success.

gold derby: Emmy 2017: Society of Composers and Lyricists hosts panel discussion with 7 composer nominees

The Society of Composers and Lyricists hosted a panel discussion Thursday night with Emmy-nominated composers Gary Lionelli, Mac QuayleJeff RussoJacob Shea, and Christopher Willis, Emmy-nominated music director Rickey Minor, and Emmy Music Consultant Lynn Kowal. Gold Derby moderated the event at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, that was organized by Impact24 PR.

yahoo! TV'Drunk History': Emmy-nominated production designer on creating 'Hamilton' episode

The hilarity of Drunk History isn’t just hearing a celebrity drunkenly recount a tale from the past, but watching their words match up to the reenactment as well. Production designer Chloe Arbiture received an Emmy nomination for her work in the “Hamilton” episode

DeadlineHow ‘Feud’ Composer Mac Quayle Mined New Territory With ’60s Orchestral Score

Leaving an indelible mark on USA’s Mr. Robot and a string of Ryan Murphy series—most notably, his two American stories—composer Mac Quayle met his match when approached for the prolific creator’s latest project, Feud: Bette and Joan.

New York Magazine - vulture: How Marvel’s The Defenders Designed Its Superhero Costumes

One of the great strengths of Marvel Television’s output on Netflix has been its aesthetic variety. Though all of the stories are united by their New York setting and street-level focus, they’ve so far been easy to distinguish from one another in terms of their look. Key to conveying that imagery is the costuming. Enter Stephanie Maslansky.


Game of Thrones’ big battle scenes are becoming more reliant on Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) dragons as the series winds down. So how do they do it? On set, a stick with a ball on the end stands in for Drogon, according to cinematographer Robert McLachlan

variety: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Production Designer on Planning for Live TV and That Sean Spicer Podium

On Oct. 11, 1975, when “Saturday Night Live” first aired on NBC from Studio 8H in Manhattan’s RCA Building, with George Carlin as host and musical guests Billy Preston and Janis Ian, Eugene Lee was the production designer. Lee spoke to Variety about his long tenure at “SNL,” what it takes to design for live TV and the Sean Spicer podium.

den of geek: Blood Drive Composer Michael Gatt Grinds Out Hellishly Good Music

Blood Drive is a show that re-invents itself each week. At each stop along the cross-country race in which the cars run on human blood, there’s a different story in a completely new sub-genre of grindhouse horror and action. “It’s a composer’s dream for a show because it is like scoring a standalone film each week,” Gatt says. 

abc news live stream - inside marvel: Making the Defenders look bruised, bloody and aged

Inside Marvel's The Defenders on Netflix with costume designer, Stephanie Maslansky, makeup department head, Sarit Klein, and hair department head, Pamela May.

observer: ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Cinematographer Teases New Horror in Prequel

Cinematography, at its core, is the art of making motion pictures. But as an art form, it’s surprisingly more like dancing than photography. That’s where Maxime Alexandre, the cinematographer on Annabelle: Creation, comes into play. It’s his job not only to help capture the movie, but to tell a silent story entirely with visuals.

entertainment weekly: This Is Us: Grab your tissues for the soundtrack

Curated by This Is Us showrunner Dan Fogelman, the soundtrack contains 20 songs, many of which fans will remember from accompanying the show’s most emotional moments. The soundtrack will also include “This Is Us Score Suite” by the show's composer, Siddhartha Khosla.


"No one looked like anything that would exist beyond 1995," says costume designer Elisabeth Vastola. To develop the character of each Jacobs family member, Vastola assigned and highlighted specific '90s fashion trends that will definitely give you the warm and fuzzies. 

GQ Style: Meet Eugene Lee, the Crazy Stylish 78-Year-Old Man Who Literally Built SNL

The man is a myth and a legend within the walls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Mr. Lee has been the production designer at SNL since the show premiered in 1975, and he’s had his hand in practically every sketch, musical performance, and iconic monologue stage set since then.

The Washington Post: How a Smithsonian kids’ class influenced the look of ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Game of Thrones’

Today, Matthew Jensen is an A-list cinematographer who has contributed award-winning work to two seasons of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” (the new season begins Sunday), as well as such other premium-cable hit series as “Ray Donovan” and “True Blood.”

The Marvel report: Breaking Down The Music - Let’s Get Hyped For Runaways

Marvel’s The Runaways should be kicking up its campaign soon – bringing the teenage superheroes to the screen at last. While we have yet to see what the characters will look like or how they’ll fit into the Marvel Universe, Marvel is already setting the tone of the story by choosing one hell of a composer – Siddhartha Khosla.

huffington Post: Exclusive: Hear 2 Tracks By Composer Michael Gatt From Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Blood Drive’

To get an inside glimpse of how Michael went about creating these tracks he also shared the below behind the scenes video and says, “I really enjoyed scoring on this episode because at this point in the series we really know the characters and the turns they take are both at times hilarious and demented, a.k.a. BLOOD DRIVE!

The Geek Speak Show: SDCC 2017 - Mac Quayle

The Geek Speak Show's Henry San Miguel talks to composer Mac Quayle at San Diego Comic Con 2

where to watch: Head of The Defenders Makeup Department on Juggling Four Marvel Superheroes

The Netflix residents of the Marvel Universe are all coming together for the first time on screen to team up as The Defenders. Makeup department head Sarit Klein had an intimate knowledge of the show’s characters going into production. She also worked as makeup head of previous installments Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

popcorn talk - on the fly filmmaking: Chloe Arbiture - Production designer

Host & Producer Marielou Mandl interviews Production Designer, Chloe Arbiture! Chloe has worked on Problematic with Moshe Kasher, Drunk History, Miss 2059, Thrill Ride, Starship Icarus, Battleground.

Variety 411: The Role Of A Below-The-Line Agent: An Interview With Maureen Toth

Maureen Toth is familiar with the term “multi-threat.”  Toth is also a lead agent at Eastern Talent Agency, a company devoted to below-the-line talent. Their roster includes talent such as Emmy-winning cinematographer Michael Slovis , Oscar-nominated and Eddie winning editor Kevin Tent and Emmy nominated and ADG winner Gary Kordan.

indiewire: ‘Blood Drive’ Exclusive Video: Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Score for ‘A Fistful of Blood’

Described as “a blood-driven Spaghetti Western,” episode eight of “Blood Drive” features a soundtrack befitting its genre roots. In a new video shared exclusively with Indiewire, composer Michael Gatt, singer Jessica Rotter, and others offer a behind-the-scenes look at the music for “A Fistful of Blood.” 

limelight magazine: Stephan Schütze's music was a score for an Australian industry

Stephan Schütze has worn many hats in the music world. He is now a composer, a sound designer, a location recordist and has produced SFX libraries that are used globally by companies such as Disney, Skywalker Sound, Warner Brothers, EA and Activision.

where to watch: Emmy Nominated Planet Earth II Composers on Scoring the Most Interesting Animals in the World

Ten years after the original series aired, BBC returns to explore our natural world in Planet Earth II. The show’s dynamic score earned composers Jasha Klebe and Jacob Shea of Bleeding Fingers Music an Emmy nomination.

Variety: Music from ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Homeland’ Gets Top Billing at Television Academy ConcerT

Mac Quayle played keyboards in his own music from “Feud” and “Mr. Robot;” Jeff Russo demonstrated his compositional versatility, conducting musically diverse themes from “Legion,” “Fargo” and “The Night Of';” Sean Callery’s jazz rendition of his “Homeland” theme was an early high point, Sidd Khosla's Stax-style soul number from “This Is Us” earned a standing ovation; Nathan Barr may have won the “most original musical concept;” TV Academy music governors Michael A. Levine and Rickey Minor, who conceived the evening, also made on-stage appearances

The wall street journal: Peak TV’s New Hot Profession: The Music Supervisor

Jen Ross, music supervisor for the hip-hop drama "Empire," submitted a song-packed episode that bounces among Eminem, Thelonious Monk and an original tune that addressed gun violence. In one scene record-label bosses meet with mogul Lucious Lyon, played by Terrence Howard.


Business Insider: What it's like working in TV today, according to a cinematographer who's filmed 'Fargo' and 'Legion'

Cinematographer Craig Wrobleski recently told Business Insider what it's like shooting a series like "Fargo" given its rich history, the inspiration for the visually-charged "Legion," and what it's like working as a cinematographer in television today. 

DEADLINE: ‘The Night Of’ & ‘Legion’ Composer Jeff Russo On Channeling “Chaos And Madness” And Pure American Tragedy

Between two critically lauded FX dramas—Noah Hawley’s Fargo and Legion—the network’s anticipated Snowfall and potent HBO miniseries The Night Of, two-time Emmy nominee Jeff Russo may be one of the busiest composers working in television. 

new york magazine - vulture: How Wonder Woman  Brought Color Back to the DC Universe

When cinematographer Matthew Jensen first met with director Patty Jenkins to talk about the visual influence that was at the top of her mind for Wonder Woman, he was taken aback. The film was to be set during World War I, but she didn’t show him a battlefield photo. It was going to continue the mythology of the so-called DC Extended Universe.

The Hollywood Reporter: How 'SNL' Gave "Spicey" a Podium That Could Be Used As a Weapon

Eugene Lee has been a production designer on every season of NBC’s SNL. This time around, his work has included a number of political sets, including this one of the White House Press Briefing Room that has featured in a series of segments with  Melissa McCarthy as Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

BILLBOARD Emmy Winner Sean Callery on Composing the Perfect Theme For 'Jessica Jones', 'Designated Survivor' or More

There’s a good chance that Sean Callery comes into your living room almost every night. As one of television’s top composers, he wrote the theme and scores for Designated Survivor, Homeland, Elementary and Jessica Jones. 

Deadline: ‘Westworld’ DP Robert McLachlan Compares Series With ‘Game Of Thrones’: “Westworld’s Harder"

Game of Thrones may be out of the awards conversation this year, but never mind that. Wrapping up his work on the series’ new season in December, Emmy-nominated cinematographer Robert McLachlan has kept himself plenty busy, between Ray Donovan and another HBO smash, Westworld.

architectural Digest:  6 Ways The Wizard of Lies  Visually Recreates Bernie Madoff's Downfall

It’s been nearly ten years since the name Bernie Madoff went from being associated with wealth and success to becoming synonymous with deceit and corruption.Oscar-nominated production designer Laurence Bennett took AD through the process of recreating the world of Bernie Madoff.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: EMMYS: TV's top composers reveal the serendipity of found sounds 

Mac Quayle knew going into FX's Feud — the 1960s-set series about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis — that he had to go with music that evoked old Hollywood. "Unlike other scores I've worked on, this wasn't really a situation where I could experiment with unusual sounds," he says.

awards Daily: Composers Amin Bhatia & Ari Posner Partner on Netflix’s ‘Anne’

“Functionally, it broke down to one of two things we either had to do. We had to either portray the landscape and the beauty of the traveling scenes and create a musical tapestry that supports that beauty,” Amin Bhatia explained. 

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Emmys: Cinematographers Reveal Secrets Behind the SCENES

To capture the detachment of the Russian spies played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, Daniel Stoloff used framing and camera placement. "Within the safe house, we present the frame graphically, often from a distance, through doorways, archways and windows," he says.


How could someone use clothing to retell the story of slaves who resisted? Karyn Wagner, costume designer for the WGN TV series "Underground," faced this very challenge: reconstructing the experience of enslaved men and women who resisted their condition as chattel by escaping on the Underground Railroad.

VARIETY: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’: Behind-the-Scenes of a Scoring Session With Geoff ZanellI

“Pirates of the Caribbean” gets a new composer, Geoff Zanelli, with the fifth installment of the franchise, “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” Variety‘s Andrew Barker takes you behind the scenes at a scoring session with Zanelli.

Collider: ‘Fargo’ & ‘Legion’ Cinematographer Craig Wrobleski on Coen Brothers Nods, Noah Hawley, and More

Recently I got the chance to speak with Wrobleski about his work on both Fargoand Legion, crafting nods to the Coen Brothers and cinematography great Roger Deakins, the specific references in Fargo Season 3, and more.

THE HOllywood Reporter:  'Wonder Woman' Cinematographer on Its Biggest Battles and Heartbreaking Moments

In a conversation with Heat Vision, cinematographer Matthew Jensen breaks down the hard-fought path to getting those scenes right ("It is just mayhem") and also reveals secrets to shooting Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) comical bath scene.

Billboard: How Music Supervisors Landed An Emmy Category To Call Their Own

For the first time in the Emmy Awards' nearly 70-year history, music supervisors will be recognized for the artistic role they play in crafting the tone of TV programs. 7 Supervisors To Watch - Jen Ross, Empire: Fox’s drama about a rap label remains a creative leader for the music-immersive show’s use of both licensed source cues and strong original music performed by the main characters.

ABC News Live Stream:  Behind the scenes of Tony-nominated 'The Great Comet'

ABC News' Nicole Phillip gets an inside look at the costume design for "Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812" with Tony-winning costume designer, Paloma Young.

GOLD DERBY: Society of Composers and Lyricists hosts Hollywood panel for composers of ‘Fargo,’ ‘Feud,’ ‘This Is Us,’ and ’24: Legacy’

The SCL hosted a panel discussion with composers Sean Callery (“24: Legacy”), Siddhartha Khosla (“This Is Us”), Mac Quayle (“Feud: Bette and Joan” and “American Horror Story: Roanoke”), and Jeff Russo (“Fargo” and “Legion”). Gold Derby moderated the event at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood that was organized by 20th Century Fox TV, FX and Impact24 PR.

broadway box: Tony Winner David Gallo Shares 12 Secrets & Stories about His Tony-Nominated Jitney Set

Tony and Emmy Award-winning set designer David Gallo has more than 30 Broadway shows under his belt. He has the distinction of working with August Wilson. David designed the premiere productions of Wilson’s later works and the off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Jitney—for which is nominated for a 2017 Tony Award.

theatre Nerds: Interview With Tony-Nominated Lighting Designer Japhy Weideman

"In the early stage of design, I always begin with reading the text and listening to the music prior to having a meeting with a director or other designers. It’s very important to get one’s own impression of the piece before being influenced by others. In some projects, I am brought in before a set design has been created, and in others, there is already a design in process. 

new york magazine - vulture: Watch Brian Tyree Henry Sing a This Is Us Original Song for Emmy Voters

The evening was capped with musical performances at Le Jardin by the show’s composer Siddhartha Khosla, Moore, who covered Linda Ronstadt’s “Willin’,” and guest star Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) who played a musician and cousin of William (Ron Cephas Jones) in the road-trip episode “Memphis.”

Awards Circuit: ‘Underground’ Costume Designer Karyn Wagner Talks Southern Costuming

One show that benefited greatly from this was “Underground,” a series brought to the small screen by WGN. The story follows a group of slaves who have chosen to escape their plantation, and the process they went through to achieve freedom.

movie pilotHere's How The Cleverly Designed Set Of '13 Reasons' Made You More Involved In Hannah's Story

In charge of bringing that last element to life was production designer Diane Lederman, whose work you may be familiar with from series such as The Leftovers and The Americans. Speaking to Movie Pilot, Diane discussed a little about the process she and her team went through to bring Hannah and Clay's world to life.

VARIETY: How ‘The Americans’ Orchestrated This Season’s Key Interrogation Scene

“I don’t get to work directly with Nathan as much as I wish I did, but I was so impressed with these very deliberate music choices,” Green says. “There are these music choices just gently easing in at a few moments of revelation. 

huffington postComposer Bryce Jacobs Goes To “Paradise” With Latest Film Score

Having worked with the legendary composer Hans Zimmer for over five years on films such as Rush and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and more recently scored films such as Bad Karma, composer Bryce Jacobs was more than equipped when he was presented the opportunity to score Sanjeev Sirpal’s feature film, Random Tropical Paradise, now out on VOD.

vanity FairS.N.L.: How Conan O’Brien Saved Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Easter Skit

There are two reasons that Eugene Lee, Saturday Night Live’s longtime production designer, could not personally oversee preparations for Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious return to the sketch show this past weekend. First of all, she was filming all the way across the country in Los Angeles. And secondly?

Gold Derby: Kris Bowers (‘Dear White People’ composer): The show is ‘speaking to a lot of people’s truths’

“It’s just speaking to a lot of people’s truths,” divulges composer Kris Bowers during our recent webcam chat when asked about the success of “Dear White People.” Created by Justin Simien, this Netflix original centers on a diverse group of students navigating various forms of racial discrimination at a predominantly white college.

PitchforkNew “Mr. Robot” Season 2 Soundtrack Announced

A new soundtrack for “Mr. Robot” has been announced. Mr. Robot V.3 features composer Mac Quayle’s score for the show’s second season. It’s out digitally on June 9 via Lakeshore Records. A special vinyl LP package is due later this year via Invada Records (in partnership with Lakeshore). 

Town & Country: How The Wizard of Lies  Captured Bernie Madoff's World—And His Downfall

How do you bring to life a lost world of elite prestige—and the fall from grace of a master criminal? In HBO's new movie The Wizard of Lies, production designer Laurence Bennett, perhaps best known for his work on The Artist was tasked with just that: recreating the sudden downfall of Bernie Maddoff, arguably the biggest thief in American history.

varietyCinematographers Take Risks on TV With Moody Images

Rob McLachlan, a contributor to HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld,” and Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” says digital cameras are another major factor in TV pictures. “When I first shot HD for TV back around 2002, I realized that a monitor on the set showing precisely what you’re recording made it possible to safely go a lot darker,” he says.

paste: An Interview with Composer Jeff Russo of What Remains of Edith Finch

If you’re a fan of hit television shows like FX’s Legion or Fargo you’ve definitely heard the sweeping orchestrations of composer Jeff Russo. Very recently however, Russo made his first foray into video game music after he composed the score for the haunting indie game, What Remains of Edith Finch

Spirit of 608: How Clothes Get On TV With Hit Costume Designer & Vegan Fashion Advocate Cynthia Summers

On this week's show, I talk to Cynthia Summers about her journey into costume design and onto the sets on hit television shows that have captured audiences on Bravo, Netflix, Showtime and many others. Along the way, Cynthia's decision to pursue a cruelty-free lifestyle led her to explore sustainable, ethical and vegan fashion.

buzzfeedTop 4 Emmy Composer Contenders You Should Know About

Planet Earth 2: Combine this with David Attenborough’s luscious voice and an orchestral masterpiece from a certain Mr. Hans Zimmer and his two protoges Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe of Bleeding Fingers Music, and you get a product that, if not sweeping the Emmys, will certainly do well. Certainly, the Earth has enjoyed this trio's efforts, with the infamous Iguana vs. Snakes scene going viral and carrying their musical worldwide.

VarietyMusic Supervisors Celebrate Finally Winning Recognition From Creative Arts Emmys

“There are so many moving pieces,” says Jen Ross, music supervisor for “Empire” and “Star.” “Not only do you have to creatively hit the mark, you also have to hit it from a functional perspective, and you’re doing it within a TV timeframe,” she notes. Sometimes a song must be written, demo’d, recorded by the actor, and then filmed, often in just a matter of a few days.

film music reporter: TV Academy to Host ‘Words + Music – A Concert Celebrating Music Written for TV’

Words + Music will feature the live performance of original songs and scores from the composers of top shows from the past TV season. Participating composers include Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot), Siddhartha Khosla (This Is Us), Jeff Russo (Fargo, The Night Of), Sean Callery (Homeland), Nathan Barr (The Americans) and Pedro Bromfman (Narcos).

abc news live stream: 'Behind the Lens': Up close with an Academy Award-winning makeup artist 

ABC News' Lesley Messer introduces us to Oscar-nominated makeup artist Joel Harlow who demonstrates how he creates his characters using makeup and prosthetics. 

The Hollywood Reporter'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' Cinematographer on How Chris Pratt Fixed the Ending

If Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 felt more spontaneous than the average superhero movie, there's a reason for that. Cinematographer Henry Braham worked closely with director James Gunn to perfect a shooting style that would look big — while also giving the actors room to explore the material without having a camera in their faces.

BloombergThe Pink Shirt, a Preppy Staple, Gets New Life Thanks to Millennials

The costume designer for the new production is Clint Ramos. "We auditioned about seven shirts," Ramos said, naming J. Crew, Banana Republic, Charles Tyrwhitt, a couple of vintage Brooks Brothers, and also Paul Stuart, which was "too pink" for this staging, with actor Corey Hawkins in the key role. Ramos ultimately settled on a current Brooks Brothers model. "Relaxed fit," he specified.

TV Line13 Reasons Why  Production Designer: 13 Secrets of the Netflix Drama's Sets

Whether production designer Diane Lederman is tasked with recreating a room from a specific era — like she did on FX’s The Americans — or a contemporary teenager’s bedroom — like she does several times over in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, there’s one constant: “I do extensive amounts of research,” she tells TVLine.

Awards Daily: Emmy Winner Mac Quayle Discusses Scoring ‘Mr. Robot’ Versus FX’s ‘Feud’

Mac Quayle is one of TV’s busiest composers. Most recently, you’ve heard his work on FX’s Feud: Bette and Joan, but last year he won his first Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) for USA Network’s Mr. Robot. Two very different scores for two very different shows.

forbes: Shooting "The Man In The High Castle" In 4K Changed Filmmaker's Approach

Man-made crystals only atoms wide are making a difference in how we experience movies and TV shows at home.Gonzalo Amat, director of photography for the Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle,” compares the 4K experience to listening to a piece of music, in which the delivery medium makes all the difference.

variety‘The Son’s’ Score Helps AMC Series Span the Centuries, Define Characters

Noting the importance the score would have in ushering the story of the McCullough family through the numerous culture clashes of the 19th and 20th centuries, he targeted the work of composer Nathan Barr, who had worked on horror-thriller “Hemlock Grove” with “The Son” writer-producer Brian McGreevy.

Screen AnarchyBehind the Camera -- An Interview with One of Hollywood's Biggest Talent Agencies

I recently chatted with Jen Caprio and Scott Benson of Eastern Talent Agency, one of the most successful agencies in Hollywood. Working with below the line talent, Jen and Scott have placed talent on shows like The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot and more! 


The biggest question was always whether an episode would have the “regular” sound, or if we would be doing a specific parody of another show, film, or style. 

MIC'Wonder Woman' cinematographer breaks down the pressure of bringing a comic book to life

Mic spoke with (Matt) Jensen, whose credits include Fantastic Four, Chronicle, True Blood and Game of Thrones, about his experience on the set of Wonder Woman. In our conversation, Jensen discussed Jenkins' enthusiasm on the set, how Wonder Woman draws from the comics and the pressure to deliver the film fans deserve.

Vogue: On Luke Cage, A Hoodie is the new cape

When talking to costume designer Stephanie Maslansky, there are certain unavoidable questions that spring to mind. Like: What are the exact proportions of this titanic, largely bullet-proof superhero? Actor Mike Colter, who recently brought Luke Cage off the pages of Marvel’s comic books.

horror talk: Interview: Samuel Laflamme (Outlast 2's Composer)

Fresh off the horrifying heels of Outlast 2's release, which is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, I managed to get some time with Samuel Laflamme, the composer behind the haunting soundtracks of the Outlast series, so that I could pick his brain on composing for the scariest series I've ever had the fortune - we love scary, remember - to play.

fast companyHow Shade VFX Brought “Daredevil” And “Jessica Jones” To Life In A Tough Business

Shade is responsible for the effects on shows like Daredevil and Netflix’s forthcoming Jessica Jones, as well as massive films like Batman vs. Superman–and they’ve navigated the “high volume, low-margin” world of visual effects through some creative approaches to the business.

Marvel report: Exclusive Interview with Iron Fist Composer Trevor Morris

From scoring television to films to video games, Trevor Morris is an iron giant in the world of composing. His credits include Immortals, Olympus Has Fallen, Emerald City, Brick Mansions, The Tudors, The Admiral, Vikings, and Dragon Age. The Marvel Report got to chat with Morris about his work on Iron Fist, the transcript of which you can read below.

Women's Wear Daily:  Lynn Falconer on the Sixties Style for Horror Thriller ‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’

While costumes are a current topic of conversation they’re something that Lynn Falconer thinks about year-round. We caught up with the costume designer to discuss her approach to the period film, which movies and personalities she referenced for the leading characters, and where she goes to find her best on-screen looks.

e! news: What It's Like to Be Unreal's Costume Designer

What do Unreal, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce and The L Word all have in common? Cynthia Summers. The life of a costume designer is foreign to most of us... so when one calls you to say she wants to take you shopping with her you say yes—immediately. Fast-forward to a week later where we met Cynthia at her go-to sourcing boutique, Switch in Bel Air, and she told us just about everything we wanted to know.

architectural digest: How a Production Designer Re-created WWII for Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

Shooting took place in Australia, where production designer Barry Robison was tasked with re-creating WWII-era Virginia and Japan. Before shooting began, Robison and his team created a nine-by-12-foot model of the ridge and battlefield. “It also gave us in the art department the ability to really show how we would take pristine farmland and turn it into a devastated landscape.”

Electronic Musician: Interview with Charlie Clouser

I sat down with Clouser at his home studio—an impressive musical mad scientist’s laboratory outfitted with racks of recording gear, a Haken Continuum, and a wall of Eurorack modules—where we spent the afternoon talking about everything from contemporary minimalist composers to the one kick drum sample he’s been using for more than 20 years.

Yahoo!Oscar-Nominated Makeup Whiz Joel Harlow on Crafting ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Aliens, Marvel Superheroes, and Johnny Depp Disguises

For 30 years, Joel Harlow has been one of Hollywood’s premiere makeup artists, and come Oscar night, he’ll contend for his second Academy Award for his work on Star Trek Beyond, which required him to create more than 50 different alien species. 

Deadline‘Key & Peele’ Production Designer Gary Kordan On Challenging The Status Quo In Television Comedy

In a little over a decade, production designer Gary Kordan has left an indelible impression on the world of TV comedy. From his early work, to his recent efforts on the ultra mini-series Time Traveling Bong and the acclaimed sketch series Key & Peele, which recently concluded its five-season run, Kordan has worked tirelessly to bring a higher visual standard to television comedy.

Entertainment Weekly: Everything you need to know about Vin Diesel's Xander Cage fur coat

It’s been 15 years since Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) was last on screen, but in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, the character comes back with a bang — his looks contributing largely to that. “It’s in the title, Return of Xander Cage, so I really had to respect that and I thought this is a fun action movie and I don’t want to get too serious," costume designer Kim Tillman tells EW.

The washington postWhy that big ‘Underground’ reveal is such a powerful statement

Karyn Wagner, the costume designer for “Underground,” said the character’s pregnancy fit with a theme the show established early on: hiding in plain sight. The escaped slaves must constantly evade catchers, but one of the few advantages they have is that most people don’t know what they look like. 

geektown: Interview with Composer Nathan Barr

Emmy-nominated composer Nathan Barr has received critical acclaim for his unmatched versatility, incorporating eclectic instruments from music cultures across the world. He is currently scoring the 5th season of award-winning series ‘The Americans’ starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, for which Nathan received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. 


Wardrobe can magically transform in an instant for a gasp-inducing, live action, climactic reveal. But there's another reason that the venerable art form — be it on- or off-Broadway — is so special: the costumes. And the wardrobe on stage does so much more than just help tell the story. 

Screen RantGame of Thrones Season 7 Effects Are Bigger & More Visually Complex

We spoke with Rhythm & Hues visual effects supervisor Derek Spears, who has not only worked on Game of Thrones and Black Sails but also has credits on X-Men: Days of Future Past, R.I.P.D., Superman Returns, and Daredevil

GQ: How Hacksaw Ridge Re-created One of World War II's Bloodiest Battles

For Hacksaw Ridge, Barry Robison was instrumental in helping determine the aesthetic shifts between the film's three distinct segments—Doss growing up in Virginia, his training in boot camp, and the final stretch staring down the titular ridge—but it's that last section that will stick out in the memory of anyone who sees Hacksaw Ridge

screen anarchy: Eye for an Eye: Henrietta Review

kImagine if you combined the brutal supernatural horror of Lucio Fulci, with the colorful neo-noir style of Micheal Mann, adding a healthy dose of 70’s Giallo for good measure. The result would probably be something close to Eye for an Eye: Henrietta, the new short film from USC MFA alum, writer/director Elia Petridis.

GlamourDress Like Olivia Pope With These Wardrobe Hacks From Scandal Costume Designer Lyn Paolo

Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo takes Glamour behind the scenes of Olivia Pope’s envious wardrobe (Narciso Rodriguez! Prada! Bottega Venetta!). Watch as she gives the inside scoop on how Olivia achieves her amazing style.

ABC 20/20: The Real Designated Survivor with Production Designer Cabot McMullen

Kiefer Sutherland on Starring in ABC's Hit Show "Designated Survivor"; The Top Secret Bunkers the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About; How Poland Coped When Most of Government Was Killed in Plane Crash

Filmmaker Magazine: “You Don’t Light with Your Meter, You Light with Your Heart”: Gotham DP Crescenzo Notarile

Crescenzo Notarile earned his Emmy nomination for his work on Gotham, Fox’s origin story tracing the early days of cop Jim Gordon and the various heroes and villains that reside in the titular city. The show’s third season bows tonight.